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A street vendor in Guadalajara, Mexico accidentally dropped a sandwich in a container of salsa when handing it to the customer.Find closest TORTA STATION in Mexico - near your home or office.Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Mexico City, Mexico, directory of natural health food stores and guide to a healthy dining.

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While some will tell you that Mexican Breakfast Tortas are the ultimate hearty breakfast, we love these egg-based sandwiches as a creative addition to the breakfast-for-dinner rotation.

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The torta ahogada —a pork-stuffed baguette swamped in so much spicy salsa that it must be eaten with a spoon—is a local hangover cure and a compelling reason to skip church. mexico by Duncan Tucker.

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Benjamin Palmer: amazing. try the torta ahogada that you eat with one gloved hand, or the carne en su jugo.Description: Established in 1947, Tortas El Turco is a legend among Tijuana street food Connoisseurs.Its a lil more time consuming but the flavor is 1000% better.

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Tortas de tacos de suadero ¡la novedad en México!

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Pily lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco., and from there she shares her love of cooking with a variety of easy to make dishes and blogging about it while also homeschooling two teenager boys.

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In Mexico, a torta is a kind of sandwich, served on an oblong 15 cm firm, crusty white sandwich roll.

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