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Add 4 if the number is even and 5 if the number is odd to arrive at your band size.Finding a bra that fits well is challenging as it is and converting the bra into its sister size can be even more difficult.Although sizing can vary slightly between brands, all follow a.Below I am sharing the method I use to get a great fit and tips on how to properly wear and care for your bras.In order to find your bra size and the best style of breast form for your body, you will need two measurements: below your nipples and through your nipples.

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Our size charts and measuring tips will help you order the correct bra size.

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Even if you go to a store and have a professional fit you, often they will give you the wrong size.

Only together with your band size does your cup size reflect the actual volume of your boobs.The difference calculates your bra size - each inch represents a cup size.

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The question of bra size is a tricky one since many individuals are not wearing the correct size bra or do not know what size they should be wearing.Luckily, there are ways to make sure that we are getting the right size without seeing or touching the product prior to purchase.

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The measuring process is designed to guide you to a starting band size and cup size.

Ok so first things first, let me explain how I learnt the importance of finding your true bra size.Measure just above your bust, right about where the straps meet the top of the cup.

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You must have seen a bra size chart come along once in a while.

To determine band size, measure with a tape around the chest under the breasts.

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Most people wear a bra too large in the back and too small in the cups.Wrap a soft measuring tape around your back at band level, under each arm and around the front.Believe it or not, at least 80% of women wear an incorrectly sized bra.Measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust, with the tape straight across and around your back, bringing it to the front.This is not healthy for your breasts - especially if the breasts are in a too tight bra.

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To find out what bra size you should be wearing, start with the band size.

Bra cup sizes were invented in 1932 and band sizes became popular in the 1940s.Size is just a number, but we want to know so we can find the best fitting bra for you.Read 'em and take note.

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If you already wear a bra and think you need a new size, the best way to find your cup size is to use your current bra size as a starting point.

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Being too lazy and thinking I would have to get really into the matter of measuring my own sizes.Today I am going to write on a very common mistake made by most of the females, and that is getting and wearing wrong size bra.

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