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Bubble tea can be found nationwide, from mall food courts to the drink menus of high-end restaurants But its origins are in Taiwan.Boba Tea, also known as Boba or Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese, tea based drink which often contains tapioca, known as Boba, or Tapioca Pearls at the bottom of the cup.

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The Boba Guys chain has opened a Bay Area factory to produce the tapioca pearls that define the popular drink.

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Bubble tea is also known as boba drink, pearl tea drink, boba ice tea, boba, boba nai cha, zhen zhou nai cha, pearl milk tea, pearl ice tea, black pearl tea, tapioca ball drink, BBT, PT, pearl shake, QQ (which means chewy in Taiwanese) and possibly many others.

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They can help your bubble tea shop time and money while also giving your tea shop a professional appearance.Move over trendy coffee drinks and make way for the Bubble Tea craze.Boba (Tapioca) milk tea has been very popular in Asian communities for a few years already.

Boba, also known as bubble tea or pearl tea, hails from Taiwan.

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Our easy-to-use app shows you all the restaurants and nightlife options in your city, along with menus, photos, and reviews.The most important aspects of a Bubble Tea Business Plan are Costs, Store Design, Necessary Equipment, Product Sourcing, Training, and Location.

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And while the drink is wildly popular, bubble tea — or boba.

Image US Boba Company is a new tapioca-pearl factory in Hayward, Calif., run by, from.Along with classic bubble tea drinks, Bliss will offer a variety of.Bubble tea is very popular, especially to Asians, but now, more and more people from different backgrounds like the taste of it.


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Well, it is an extremely popular drink and can be found at many tea or specialty drink locations.


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Tapioca pearls, the chewy balls in bubble tea drinks, are typically made in huge factories in China, Taiwan, and Japan.


How to Start a Bubble Tea Store: Alright, so you want to Open Your Own Bubble Tea Shop and now all you need is a business plan.We are best known for our wonderful selection of flavored teas, including our famous boba tea with tapioca pearls.We specialize in a wide range of drinks that will satisfy your thirst.You can now find Chatime in the US, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, UK, UAE, India, Pakistan, Myanmar and Japan.

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While easy to find in locations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and certain areas in North America, in Korea, Boba is like a hidden treasure.Directory and Interactive Maps of Bubble Tea across the Nation including address, hours, phone numbers, and website.The boba brand known for its fruit teas already has locations worldwide, but a recent Instagram post shows that the house-made black sugar pearls will soon be hitting Toronto as well.

Most Boba tea enthusiasts agree that the bubble tea experience would not be the same without that wide straw to enjoy it with.Southerners have always known that Southerners have always known that Move over trendy coffee drinks and make way for the bubble tea craze that is going on right now, especially in communities with large asian populations.

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Boba (or Bubble Tea), the delightful Taiwanese tea-based drink complete with chewy tapioca pearls, is a more scarce commodity here in Korea.Any tea can be used to make this drink, and it can be served iced or warm.

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I Heart Boba, a bubble tea concept, is sure to provide an incredible experience for its customers.Also known as bubble tea, pearl milk tea, or tapioca tea, boba milk tea refers to this Taiwanese beverage consisting of brewed tea, milk or non-dairy creamer, sweetener, and chewy tapioca balls.

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There is also the option to adjust the sweetness and temperature of their desired drink, which is a plus if there are those who want to watch their waistlines.Pour the tapioca into a tall glass and pour the slushie on top.Bliss, a new bubble tea restaurant, is set to open mid-February in Jester West, replacing Freshens, a smoothie and yogurt bar.With creative drink concoctions such as Green Tea on Cloud and Red Bean Chocolate, customers can enjoy different flavours of bubble tea that best suits their taste buds.

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